Bandeau Board of Directors

Board of Directors

True to its cooperative values, Agrial has introduced governance in line with its agricultural production and food-processing business. This is seen as a long-term combination of product and capital promotion. It is characterised by:
• a balance between regional and production representation,
• active participation of members within regions and productions,
• clearly distributed powers of elected representatives and managers,
• predominance of the economic dimension in decisions.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors validates the Group’s strategy. It has around fourty members, all farmers and representing a region, a sector or a group of farmers.

It is presided over by Arnaud Degoulet.

The Board of Directors thus comprises:

The Board

  • Chairman: Arnaud Degoulet
  • 1st Vice-chairman: Bernard Guillard
  • 2d Vice-chairman: Jean-Luc Duval
  • 3rd Vice-chairmen: Pascal Le Brun
  • Vice-chairmen: Philippe Marie
  • Treasurer: Jean-Yves Rissel
  • Secretary: Philippe Potier
  • Board members:
    • Sonia Boudet-Guth
    • Sébastien Chevalier
    • Pascal Heurtel
    • Jean-Luc Rabillard

Others members of the board

  • Pierre-Joseph Aufranc
  • Rémi Bézard
  • Richard Boyer
  • Sébastien Cantet
  • Pascal Carreau
  • Jean-Luc Chéreau
  • Sébastien Chevalier
  • Éric Coignard
  • Benoît Drouin
  • Didier Duclos
  • Jean Gautier
  • André Gorju
  • Eric Guellaff
  • Pascal Jourdan
  • Jacques Laborde
  • Mickaël Lamy
  • Frédéric Lecerf
  • Catherine Leffray
  • Éric Lemonnier
  • Alain Louvet
  • Denis Mariette
  • Dominique Marquer
  • Bruno Martel
  • Jean-Philippe Osmond
  • Bruno Paynel
  • Rémi Pelhate
  • Xavier Trincot


  • Sébastien Ballu, Chairman of the Young Farmers Commission

The directors in 2016