Contribute to local life

Our cooperative identity and our roots make Agrial an important local operator. Agrial’s activities have many local consequences beyond its industrial sites. Farmers, employees, partners, local authorities... Agrial has relationships with its different internal and external stakeholders, reinforcing the connection between agriculture and society. 

Act for jobs and skills development

Contribuer développerContribute to local businesses 

    • By creating jobs
      • 22,000 employees throughout the world 
      • 83% of direct jobs in France in towns of less than 10,000 people
      • 13,000 member farms representing over 20,000 jobs
    • Through the activities we support and share
      • Sharing value created with our members 
      • Providing advice and tools to help manage the business side of farms
  • Develop skills throughout careers

    • By offering training courses to all member farmers 
    • By offering training to employees
      • 2/3 of employees in France received training in 2016
  • Encourage generational renewal in agriculture

    • By helping new farmers under the age of 40 who have been farming for less than 3 years
      • 3 500 farmers have benefited from Agrial’s Youth Plan assistance programme since 2001.
    • By supporting apprenticeships and colleges
      • 291 apprentices in France in 2016
Guarantee safety at work

  • Guarantee safety in our sites 

Horizon 2025: 
Achieve an accident rate with shut-down lower than 10

Garantir la sécurité au travailRaise farmer awareness to best practices for health and safety at work

Horizon 2025: 
100 % of members have received training or information about best practices for health and safety at work

Our CSR commitments

Florette’s Clean-Dry-Safe project

Agrial and its subsidiaries are always looking to improve how they consume resources in their processes...
Contribute to the vitality of life in the countryside

Contribuer au dynamismeSupport local projects and expertise 

  • Encourage proximity between farming areas and our processing factories

    > 78 % of raw materials for our sites in France come from less than 200km away
  • Promote local produce: AOP, PGI, speciality products


  • > 6 AOP (Butter: AOP Charentes Poitou; cheese: Chabichou du Poitou, Pouligny St Pierre, Ste Maure de Touraine, Rigotte de Condrieux, Picodon) 
  • > 8 PGI (cheese: St Marcellin; cider: Normandy – Ecusson; vegetables: sand-grown asparagus from Les Landes, leeks from Créances, Nantes lamb’s lettuce; meat: poultry from Normandy, beef from Maine, Morteau pork sausage)
  • > Made in Brittany (milk: Agrilait, Bio’nat; cider: Kerisac, Loïc Raison)

Contribute to the vitality of life around our farms

  • Manage cooperative life and relationships with members

> More of 1,000 members took part in 18 section meetings in 2017

> 1,400 members took part in 28 local end-of-campaign meetings in 2017

  • Take part in local events to bolster the connection between farming and society
  • Contribute

> Food donations: 100,5 tons of Crealine and Maître Jacques products in 2017
> Coordination with milk donations: 26,500 litres in 2017
> Charities: Nominoe, Courant de la Liberté, Courir entre deux O