Provide healthy food for everyone

We believe in the ability of the men and women who make up Agrial’s members and employees to produce healthy and delicious food that satisfies the diversity of consumer food requirements whilst meeting the aspirations of the farmers. 

Provide healthy food for everyone


Bien nourrir les hommesFeed people well

  • Meet the two-fold challenge of food quantity and quality

    > 6 million people this is Agrial’s nutritive annual potential in energy, taking into account all the raw materials that Agrial sells and/or processes.

    > With high-quality food:
    => High-quality production: Organic, BBC, Label Rouge, free range...

Offer trustworthy products

100 % of our dairy, vegetable and meat processing sites have a least one ISO 14001 certification.

Invent new resilient food models



Support research 

By developing our research and innovation networks
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  • Support entrepreneurship in the food industry

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  • Develop public-private research partnerships

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Give everyone the pleasure of healthy and tasty products
Plaisir du goût

Offer delicious food with the best taste qualities

Offer widely-sold products