La Mordue

La Mordue is a drink with a unique taste. It takes us on uncharted waters on the French market: the HARD-CIDER. Made from a different manufacturing process than traditional ciders, La Mordue has a franker and fruitier taste.

La Mordue is a new drink launched on the French market in 2017. With its modern graphic identity and offbeat tone, the brand brings a breath of fresh air and novelty to the segment of alcoholic beverages. This innovation is inspired by the Hard Cider trend which is experiencing a record growth abroad with a market estimated at 2 billion liters worldwide. La Mordue is made in France with 100% French apples. It took 5 years to achieve an unprecedented manufacturing process: a short and controlled fermentation that leads to a fresh and fruity drink with 6 ° of alcohol.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

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La Mordue

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