Farming division

Farming is at the heart of the Cooperative’s businesses and Agrial supports its members every day, from field to fork. Our technicians and experts offer solutions to help farmers develop sustainable agriculture, guaranteeing quality products that reconcile consumer expectations with farmers’ aspirations.

The farming division groups together activities supplying production resources (farming supplies, animal feed, farming equipment), collection and value-creating resources, rural retail and seed farming.

These activities are divided into 4 divisions.

Agriculture division

Agriculture division

Culture agro fournitureAssisting and advising members

We provide members with expertise, advice, training and decision-making tools to help them make the best choices in technical, business and environmental areas.

We provide farmers with fertilisers, seeds, plant protection products, animal feed and more, all necessary for their production, to help them develop efficient farming methods that respect the environment.

We manufacture and sell feed and minerals for ruminants, pigs, poultry and horses.


Collecting and creating value for cereal and oil & protein crop farming

 We collect, store and sell the cereal and oil & protein crops produced by our members. Major storage and shipping resources (including the port silo in Caen) located across our territory mean we can optimise the transport and sale of cereals in France and abroad.

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535,000 tons

of feed manufactured

6 feed factories

200 storage silos

Around 1.5 million

tons of cereals sold

Seed division

Seed division

Developing and providing seeds for tomorrow

We produce seed for cereals, corn, forage crops and rapeseed and we are supported by a network of 730 seed multiplier farmers.
This production covers an area of nearly 14,600 hectares and ensures supplies to our 3 seed plants which sort and pack them.

These certified seeds meet farmers’ performance requirements. They are sold to the member network and external customers.

Rural retail division

Rural retail division

Image distribution rurale

As close as possible to rural areas

280 local stores located across the Cooperative’s territory are used for the distribution of inputs and agricultural machinery, as close as possible to farms. These stores also sell gardening products, pet supplies, DIY products and other materials.
They are open to farmers and the general public and play an important role in maintaining our closeness to the field.

We also have, an online store for our members.  This click & collect website endeavours to satisfy farmer requirements with over 15,000 referenced products. Practical and local, our customers can order online and pick-up their purchases in their nearest store.



Machinery division

Machinery division

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High-performance equipment and efficient maintenance

We provide equipment for different farming requirements, in particular tractors and harvesting machines. We are particularly careful to ensure the quality and responsiveness of our maintenance workshops and breakdown services. .

We sell livestock equipment with a complete range of milking machinery under the ELEVANCE brand.

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