A farming and agrifood cooperative company

Agrial is a farming and food cooperative and multi-specialist that supports its members every day, processing and selling their productions in 4 sectors: milk, fresh vegetables and fruit, beverages and meat. Originally based in Normandy, our Group has regularly expanded since its creation to become one of the leading French farming cooperatives and is today present in Europe, Africa and the United States. We support the development of responsible and high-performing agriculture to meet the expectations of our customers and consumers and to contribute to the success of our 13,000 member farmers.

Our businesses in France and abroad

branche agricole
branche agricole
Farming division
Fresh produce Division
Fresh produce Division
Fresh produce Division
Dairy division
Dairy division
Dairy division
Meat division
Meat division
Meat division
Beverage division
Beverage division
Beverage division

Our news and events

23 Jan
Co-operative rewind

[Co-operative Rewind] Episode 1: The birth of Agrial

In 2020, Agrial turns 20! Every month, you will find a video retracing a significant event in the history of our Co-oper...
06 Jan
Programme of the 20th anniversary of Agrial

Get the programme of the 20th anniversary of Agrial!

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Agrial, find the website dedicated to the event: www.20ansagrial.com...
08 Mar
Logo Tallec

8 delicatessen Agrial products rewarded by the French General agriculture contest

02 Mar
Produits Eurial, branche lait d'Agrial, récompensés au Concours Général Agricole

Agrial dairy products rewarded at the french General agriculture contest

This year, four Agrial’ dairy products were rewarded at the french General agriculture contest....

All innovating

Cooperative members, employees, consumers... We believe in everyone’s ability to innovate, to imagine together the farming models of the future and provide responsible, healthy and safe food for everyone. 


At Agrial, we believe that pooling everyone’s talents ensures collective success. We federate 22,900 employees and 13,000 member-farmers who make every effort to meet the expectations of our customers and consumers and everyone’s aspirations



Agrial’s wealth stems from the diverse talents that make up our Group. Discover the men and women, members, employees and partners who contribute every day to the longevity and success of our cooperative business.

Pierre Jannot - Rouages
Pierre Rouages
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Stéphane - GG Coriolis
Stéphane GG Coriolis
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We are a group of 4 partners who raise... GAEC de Lunerotte View node page
Portrait Catherine
Catherine Cellar manager at the Livarot cider makers
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Portrait Thierry
Thierry Farmer
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My parents taught me the passion I hav... Sylvain View node page
My wife and I grow organic cider apple... François View node page

All committed

Preserve the Earth and life

Contribute to life wherever we are

Provide healthy food for everyone

Our actions

Florette’s Clean-Dry-Safe project

Agrial and its subsidiaries are always looking to improve how they consume resources in their processes...

Locales Maïs: a fun event for everyone

Over 1,600 farmers took part in this year’s Locales Maïs....

A silo at Carquebut to facilitate collection

After 11 months of building work, the silo in Carquebut and its dryer were up and running as planned for the 2017 harves...

Wide Angle Meetings

Proximity is a strong value for Agrial. Beyond the geographic proximity of its sites, this translates by proximity to pe...

Our products

Bûche de chèvre Soignon

Goat log cheese

Logo Soignon

Haricots verts extra gourmand

Extra gourmet green beans


Pommes de terre Jazzy

Jazzy potatoes


Salade de fruits Fraîcheur Florette

Fruits salad


Hard Cider Rouge

Red Cider
La Mordue

La Mordue

Cidre Rosé Écusson

Cidre Rosé


Florette coulis de fraise & framboise

Strawberry & raspberry coulis