Our cooperative governance


Our governance bodies

As a cooperative, our governance is based on the democratic principle of "one person, one vote” and on values of solidarity, responsibility, continuity and proximity. Every member can take on responsibilities within the company: We have over 50 representative bodies where 600 of our members, elected by their peers, contribute to company life.

This governance is represented by:
•    a balance between territorial and farm representation
•    a clear division of responsibilities between elected members and managers
•    business as a focus in decision-making.

Board of Directors and the committee

The members of the Board of Directors are farmers, elected from one of the Cooperative’s governance bodies. The role of the Board of Directors is to approve Agrial’s strategic directions.

The committee

•    President: Arnaud Degoulet
•    1st Vice-President: Bernard Guillard
•    2nd Vice-President: Jean-Luc Duval
•    3rd Vice-President: Pascal Lebrun
•    Vice-president: Philippe Marie
•    Secretary: Philippe Potier
•    Treasurer: Mickaël Lamy
•    Sonia Boudet-Guth
•    Sébastien Chevalier
•    Pascal Heurtel

Other members of the Board of Directors

  • Pierre-Joseph Aufranc
  • Rémi Bézard
  • Richard Boyer
  • Sébastien Cantet
  • Pascal Carreau
  • Jean-Luc Chéreau
  • Éric Coignard
  • Benoît Drouin
  • Didier Duclos
  • Fabrice Fortin
  • Jean Gautier
  • André Gorju
  • Éric Guellaff
  • Pascal Jourdan
  • Jacques Laborde
  • Frédéric Lecerf
  • Catherine Leffray
  • Éric Lemonnier
  • Alain Louvet
  • Denis Mariette
  • Dominique Marquer
  • Bruno Martel


•    Sébastien Ballu: president of the Youth Commission
•    Jean-Philippe Osmond
•    Jean-Yves Rissel

The Executive Committee

The executive committee proposes and devises Agrial’s general strategy, approved by the board of directors. It is made up of directors employed by the company.


Ludovic Spiers
Ludovic Spiers 
Yves Jacobs
Yves Jacobs 
Finance Director
Nicolas Laigle
Nicolas Laigle 
Director of the Farming division
Olivier Athimon
Olivier Athimon
Director of
the Dairy division
Bertrand Totel
Bertrand Totel
Director of the Fresh Vegetables & Fruits division
Marc Roubaud
Marc Roubaud 
Director of the Beverage division


Stéphane Poyac
Stéphane Poyac 
Director of
the Meat division
Patrick Bunel
Patrick Bunel 
Human Resources


Sarah Deysine
Sarah Deysine
CCO and Corporate Projet Officer
Anne Larroquette
Anne Larroquette 
Sustainable Development Director
Eric Lesage
Éric Lesage
Innovation, Research and Development Director