Agrial announces the acquisition of Rochebillard et Blein, a producer and refiner of high-range dry charcuterie. After the acquisition of Salaisons du Mâconnais in 2021, this company strengthens Agrial’s presence in the dry charcuterie sector and reinforces the strategy pursued by the Co-operative: to build a Meat division based on SMEs with recognised traditional expertise and offering quality products.

Rochebillard et Blein employs 115 people on three production sites: 2 sites in Violay and 1 site in Taninges (both in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region). The company markets nearly 2,000 tonnes of charcuterie (dry sausages, dry hams, small, cured meats – pancetta, coppa, dried beef, etc.), the majority of which are recognised by quality labels (organic, mountain, Label Rouge, Savoie, etc.). The company has a turnover of around 28 million euros and markets its products in supermarkets, specialised and organic shops as well as to traditional butchers.

Founded in 1900 by Claude Blein and passed down from generation to generation, the company was taken over in 2006 by Jérôme Condemine and Pascal Blein. These two entrepreneurs then took over the company Peguet Savoie Salaisons in 2010, completing the range of high-range dry charcuterie. The operational management of Rochebillard et Blein will continue to be ensured by Jérôme Condemine, who has been managing the company for 15 years and who will remain a shareholder alongside Agrial to support this takeover project.

The Co-operative has been present on the dry charcuterie market for a year with Salaisons du Mâconnais, this acquisition enables us to strengthen our position in this sector with two new product categories, dry ham, and dry charcuterie (coppa, pancetta, etc.). Also strengthening our positions in the south-east quarter of France, we are continuing with the Rochebillard et Blein company the strategy of our Meat division by focusing on the promotion and development of quality products, at the service of Agrial’s farmer members.

Stéphane Poyac
EVP of Agrial's Meat division

About Agrial

Agrial is a French agricultural and agrifood co-operative which supports its farmer members every day to promote and sell their products. Relying on strong brands, the Group has 100 production sites in 11 countries and develops its agrifood activities in the dairy, fresh produce, beverage and meat sectors. As a committed company, Agrial develops high-performing and responsible farming, offering consumers healthy, safe and tasty food. Together, Agrial’s 12,000 farmer members and 22,200 employees embody the company’s values: long-termism, proximity, solidarity and boldness. In 2021, the Group generated 6.2 billion euros in turnover.

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