From the farm to the consumer, the women and men who make up Agrial share the same vocation to feed people well by providing excellent products. That is why we act in favour of sustainable development. We are developing our concept of Agriculture of one welfare which fosters success and value sharing with farmers, respect for the environment and animals and the guarantee of a healthy and tasty food for consumers.

Our progress approach in favour of sustainable development illustrates a collective and transversal commitment in favour of Agriculture and food of one welfare through 3 pillars: preserve the Earth and the living things, contribute to life in the company and in our rural regions and provide healthy and safe food for everyone.

Our progress approach

Preserve the Earth and living things

Contribute to life in the company and our territories

Provide healthy and safe food for everyone

Our actions for sustainable development

Florette’s Clean-Dry-Safe project

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Adivalor: collecting farm waste

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