Giving our farmer members the support they need to build successful businesses

As a Co-operative created and governed by our farmer members, our primary mission is to support them with raising their livestock and growing their crops, and ensure that they have long-term outlets for their produce.

Pooling systems, logistics and even sales and marketing enables our farmer members to be more resilient in increasingly volatile and competitive markets.

Working through its national network of advisers and experts, our Co-operative provides its farmer members with a truly local service, backed up by effective technical and financial support.

It also makes a valuable contribution to bringing young people into the industry and facilitating generational succession through its Agriboost plan.


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young farmer members currently supported by the Agriboost plan

A co-operative of sectors, from the farmer to the consumer

We are building a sustainable business model, founded on the complementarity of our activities,creating value for all our stakeholders, from the farmer to the consumer.

The diversity of our businesses and our expertise from seed to plate allow us to support our farmer members while preserving the environment, in order to guarantee safe and healthy food for all.


Our co-operative structure

Throughout its history, our Co-operative has granted equal representation of territories and sectors. This way, every farmer member can make their voice heard and take up responsible roles within the Co-operative. Today, we have more than 50 governance bodies, enabling 600 farmers elected by their peers to contribute to the life of the business.


  • 14

    Agrial regions

  • 9

    farmer and trade organisations (FO and TO)

Our centre of expertise and innovative support

Our centre of expertise is staffed by specialists in technical, financial, environmental, animal health, agronomy, construction and energy issues. Our teams provide audit and analytical services, and offer solutions for boosting the performance of our member’s farms and production practices.

We also work on innovation, research and development projects designed to meet the changing needs of our farmer members, and envision the agricultural solutions of tomorrow. The trials and experiments conducted as part of this work involve our members directly, and are tested under real-life conditions on the farms of our ‘Grandeur Nature’ Network.


  • 300

    field consultants and experts available to our farmer members

  • 8

    micro-plots trials conducted by the Agrial agronomic service

Our cereals business

As an agricultural Co-operative, we support our farmer members in cereal crop monitoring, production, quality and marketing to ensure they meet the highest levels of consumer expectation.

Cereal harvest collection includes wheat, corn, barley, rapeseed, sunflower seed, triticale, oats, sorghum, peas, and all cereals sown for crop diversification purposes.

IIn addition to its 269 collection and storage sites, the Co-operative also has a 33,000-tonne harbourside silo from which the majority of the wheat produced by our farmer members is shipped to Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

In addition to the international milling industry, our farmer members’ wheat production is also used in the manufacture of animal feed by French millers or re-used by our farmers directly on their farms.

  • 8,400

    cereal farmer members

  • 1.8

    million tonnes of cereals collected in 2022

Our seeds business

As part of providing our farmer members with genetic solutions tailored to their soils and climate change, Agrial also breeds seeds as a service for Co-operative farmer members and external customers.

This service offers maize seed, forage crop seed, straw cereal seed and organic seed.

550 of our farmer members are involved in seed breeding.

  • 10,800

    hectares of land used for seed breeding

  • 3

    seed stations


Our cattle business

Our cattle farming organisation supports the Co-operative’s 2,400 cattle farmer members with stocking and stock marketing.

  • 117

    cattle marketed in 2022

Our expertise in agricultural equipment

The objective of our agricultural equipment division is to offer high-performance solutions adapted to farmers’ expectations, as well as efficient maintenance. Through its subsidiaries SM3 Claas, Elevance, Lactamat and V3Pro, the Co-operative offers agricultural equipment (tractors, combine harvesters, forage harvesters, etc.) and livestock equipment (milking installations, robotics, etc.).

The agricultural equipment division places great importance on the quality and responsiveness of its maintenance workshops and breakdown services, in order to guarantee the best possible service to farmers.

  • 25

    sites and workshops (7 in breeding and 18 in machinery)

Our rural distribution business: local service for rural communities

Our 140 stores are located in rural communities right across the Co-operative’s operating regions in France to provide a local service to our farmer members and their farms. These stores are also open to the general public, offering a wide range of DIY equipment and materials, pet supplies and garden centre products.

Our and e-commerce sites provide Click & Collect and home delivery options. The brand symbolises the Co-operative commitment to its operating regions and its desire to be a key stakeholder in rural communities.

The brand symbolises the Co-operative commitment to its operating regions and its desire to be a key stakeholder in rural communities.

  • 166 stores

  • 100,000

    products available online at and to farmer members and the general public

Gender Equality
Index 2023

The law of 5 September 2018 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future and its implementing decree of 8 January 2019, introduced new obligations for companies to reduce the pay gap between women and men.

5 professional equality criteria are analysed for companies with more than 250 employees:

  • Indicator 1 (pay gap): 35/40
  • Indicator 2 (gap in individual pay rises): 20/20
  • Indicator 3 (promotion gap): 15/15
  • Indicator 4 (percentage of female employees receiving a pay rise on return from maternity leave): 15/15
  • Indicator 5 (number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid): 5/10

UES AGRIAL (Agricultural division) supports the government’s initiative to promote gender equality within the company. This initiative is fully in line with our sustainable development approach, placing women and men at the heart of our business model.

  • 90

    The indicator for our Agricultural sector, scored out of 100 points

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As a Co-operative created and governed by our farmer members, our primary mission is to support them with raising their livestock and growing their crops, and to ensure that they have long-term outlets for their produce.

And because ‘selling to produce’ is integral to our DNA, Agrial is committed to helping its farmer members exercise their right to produce, and providing them with the technical and financial support they need to achieve success.

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