Our co-operative business model

A democratic and
co-operative model

Governance that gives equal importance between territories and productions

Because there can be no co-operative without a unifying, lively and ambitious co-operative project, we have built a collective and meaningful approach together, so that everyone feels committed and involved in our success. As a co-operative, our governance is based on the democratic principle of “one person = one vote”. It is based on a strong link between our farmer members and their representatives, a constant search for balance and consensus, as well as a clear distribution of responsibilities between the elected members and the executive team.

Since its inception, our Co-operative has granted [equal representation between the territories and sectors]. Every farmer member can thus make their voice heard and assume responsibilities in the Co-operative. We have more than 50 exchange bodies, in which 600 farmers, elected by their peers, participate in the life of the company.

The result of a long history, our Co-operative has always given equal representation to the territories and productions in its governance. Alongside 14 regions guaranteeing proximity to our farmer members from a geographical point of view, our organisation into 9 production sectors around 5 divisions of activity enables us to ensure specialised expertise by trade in all their diversity.

Bernard Guillard
Chairman of Agrial

Firmly committed to a long-term perspective, we base the durability of our co-operative model on the diversity of our agricultural sectors, the control of the origin of our products, the excellence of our businesses, the fair distribution of value and the capacity to undertake and innovate of the women and men who make up Agrial. We are working together on a daily basis to become an international agricultural and agri-food co-operative, recognised for the excellence of its expertise and its brands.

Ludovic Spiers
Chief Executive Officer of Agrial
The Board of Directors

A democratic
governance bringing
together long-termism
and proximity

Led by Bernard Guillard, a producer in Normandy, our Board of Directors is composed exclusively of elected farmer members. Its role is to define, validate and control our strategic orientations and our major projects.

Bernard Guillard Chairman Beauvoir (50)
Sébastien Chevalier 1st vice-Chairman Alexain (53)
Jean-Luc Duval 2nd vice-Chairman Meissei (61)
Pascal Le Brun 3rd vice-Chairman Annebecq (14)
Mickaël Lamy Treasurer Chênehutte-Trèves-Cunault (49)
Philippe Potier Secretary Maresché (72)
Sonia Boudet-Guth Member Crocy (14)
Fabrice Fortin Member Ducey-les-Chéris (50)
Bruneau Martel Member Bains-sur-Oust (35)
Éric Guellaff Member Condé-sur-Vire (50)
Pierre-Joseph Aufranc Farmer administrator Ouroux (69)
Richard Boyer Farmer administrator Courcay (37)
Sébastien Cantet Farmer administrator Le Busseau (79)
Éric Coignard Farmer administrator Louplande (72)
Christophe Devos Farmer administrator Rosières (07)
Benoît Drouin Farmer administrator Les Essarts (85)
Jérôme Ganier Farmer administrator Livré-sur-Changeon (35)
Thomas Gautier Farmer administrator Vergoncey (50)
Elie Germon Farmer administrator Somloire (49)
Vanessa Guichard Farmer administrator and young farmer representative Courcelles-la-Forêt (72)
David Hagebaert Farmer administrator Vendeuvre (14)
Olivier Labour Farmer administrator Campbon (44)
Laurent Langlois Farmer administrator Yvetot-Bocage (50)
Frédéric Lecerf Farmer administrator Argences (14)
Sébastien Lemière Farmer administrator Reux (14)
Éric Lemonnier Farmer administrator Lassy (14)
Alain Louvet Farmer administrator Tinchebray (61)
Sébastien Nogues Farmer administrator Gaël (35)
Jean-François Osmond Farmer administrator Gieville (50)
Marc Savin Farmer administrator Liffré (35)
The Executive committee

Committed teams
creating value

The Executive committee, made up of the company’s managers, proposes and implements Agrial’s strategy, which is approved by the Board of Directors. Led by Ludovic Spiers, the management team manages the 22,000 employees in France and worldwide.

From left to right: Marc Roubaud, EVP of the Beverage division, Stéphane Poyac, EVP of the Meat division, Sarah Deysine, Chief co-operative project, CSR, communication Officer, Thomas Guerton, Chief Human Resources Officer, Ludovic Spiers, Chief Executive Officer of Agrial, Jean-Marc Faujour, EVP of the Fresh Produce division, Gilles Rabouille, EVP of the Dairy division, Yves Jacobs, Chief Financial Officer, Nicolas Laigle, EVP of the Agricultural division.

Local roots, the engine
of our international development

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