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Horizon 2025

A strategic structured and structural plan

Launched in 2017, the “Horizon 2025” strategic plan aims to drive and organise Agrial’s development in a world in upheaval.

Above all else, Horizon 2025 is about the dynamic motivation of our farmer members and employees, who take pride in what they do, have a deep commitment to our future and embrace progress.

Our impacts
and corporate purpose

Our approach is broken down into a series of commitments and action plans that deliver real-life responses to the societal and environmental challenges we have identified, and contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Compact initiative, of which we are members.

Our H2025
strategic pillars

Consolidating and updating our co-operative project

No co-operative can exist without a unifying, spirited and ambitious co-operative project. It is this belief that we want to put to work for the benefit of all our farmer members by implementing the Horizon 2025 plan in such a way that everyone feels engaged in contributing to a meaningful collective process.

Conquering value-creating markets

The mission we have set ourselves for the period to 2025 is to engage in a continual process of improvement in the way we meet consumer demand for food. Given the rapid pace at which consumer expectations are changing and today’s widespread public distrust of food products, it is essential that we succeed in this challenge if we are to ensure the long-term future for our farmer members and their businesses.

Cultivating operational excellence

In today’s volatile and rapidly changing economic and competitive landscape, operational excellence is a central challenge that requires us to maximise efficiency at every link in our value chain, from farm to fork.

Pioneering new models

In today’s constantly changing world, this is a fundamental goal. We are convinced that innovation is driven equally by internal and external talent, and it is this dual source of inspiration that powers a structural impetus in which innovative projects combine with a no-nonsense Group-wide commitment to greater innovation. We must all allow our innate curiosity to drive our ability to innovate.

Developing agriculture for wellbeing

Consumer expectations are now changing at an unprecedented rate as new societal and environmental challenges emerge. These changes pose very real challenges for our business activities, which are by nature long term, but at the same time bring with them new opportunities for our co-operative model.

Our H2025 commitments

Developing a new generation of talented people

If working to feed others is one of the most worthy of vocations, making this life choice means entering into an equally significant daily commitment. The commitment shown on a daily basis by our farmer members and employees put us at the very heart of this reality. That is why our Co-operative Group needs to attract the best people, take good care of them, and be able to offer them meaningful careers with real opportunities for professional and personal development.

Taking action together to promote sustainable development

For a co-operative company like ours, which extends all the way from field to fork, the need to promote sustainable development is clear. It has always been a central unifying thread running through all our plans and developments, and is now structured around a continual improvement process integral to our strategic plan.

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Joining Agrial means being part of a versatile farmers’ co-operative that operates in France and abroad. It means enjoying an enriching, exciting human experience in the name of “eating well” and a “more sustainable” life. It means feeling useful and giving new meaning to your own future.

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