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We produce, process and market fresh vegetetables in three forms: packaged fresh vegetables (1st range), fresh produce ready-to-use (4th range), soups and fresh purées (5th range).

Our Fresh Produce division in some key figures

vegetable farmer members


tonnes of vegetables sold


tonnes of Florette brand products sold worldwide every day


processing sites in 10 countries

The packaged fresh vegetables market: the 1st range

On a daily basis, our vegetable farmer members are supported in their work by the Co-operative’s Vegetable FO, which helps them to improve their performance, proposes the implementation of environmentally friendly practices and invests in tools and processes to improve the value of their production.

Our Priméale brand mainly packages and markets carrots, lettuce, leeks and potatoes. It also offers asparagus, radishes, garlic, onions, shallots, cabbage, celery, turnips, etc. The brand also offers regional ranges such as carrots from Mont Saint-Michel or asparagus from the Landes.

  • 97,000

    tonnes of vegetables provided by our farmer members

  • 50

    producers of the Vegetables FO engaged in the HVE approach

The fresh produce ready-to-use market: the 4th range

For 35 years, the Florette brand, a forerunner in bagged salads, has been listening to consumers to offer varied and innovative ranges on the European market. In addition to its range of salads and raw vegetables, Florette also offers ready-to-eat fruit, healthy solutions for aperitifs, easy-to-cook vegetables and meal salads. Florette also works for restaurant chains such as McDonald’s.

  • 208,000

    tonnes of Florette brand products sold worldwide each year

  • 18

    production sites in 4 countries

The soups and fresh purées market: the 5th range

For more than 25 years, the Créaline brand has been bringing out the best in the vegetables grown by our farmer members through its tasty and natural soups and purées. Créaline uses 100% natural ingredients to offer consumers the best of vegetables every day of the year. Thanks to its fresh, ready-to-eat solutions, Créaline makes it easy to reconnect with the good taste of vegetables.

  • 1

    processing site based in Lessay (Normandy)

  • 30

    years of expertise and know-how for healthy and tasty recipes

An internationally oriented sector

Our Fresh Produce division is expanding internationally, where it now generates half of its turnover. In addition to Europe, it is present in Africa (Morocco and Senegal) with Priméale United.

With more than 60 production and processing sites in 10 countries in Europe and Africa, Agrial’s Fresh Produce division is a major player on the fresh vegetables market. It sold 746,000 tonnes of fresh vegetables and fruit in 2022, in the supermarket, catering and food service channels.

  • 746,000

    tonnes of vegetables sold in 2022

  • 10

    countries we operate in

Our sustainable development commitments

Since 2019, our Fresh Produce division has been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its packaging, with the 3R Policy (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) which is based on the principles of eco-design and circular economy.

In terms of reduction, we are now very proud to announce that we have reached the significant milestone of 1,000 tonnes of packaging saved!

  • 1,000

    tonnes of packaging saved since 2019

  • i.e. 2,000

    tonnes of CO2eq reduction in emissions


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