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We group together three animal productions: pork, poultry (standard and red label) and eggs. We produce and market processed butchery and charcuterie products. We have a trading activity in the poultry pavilion of the Rungis International Market.

Our Meat division in some key figures

cattle farmer members


poultry farmer members


porc farmer members


egg producer farmer members

Our meat processing activity

Our meat processing activity is made up of 6 local companies with real expertise that are committed to a gourmet and sustainable French charcuterie heritage.

All these companies work every day to produce a wide variety of premium charcuterie products. Whether it is Brient, Tallec, Sibert and La Bresse, specialists in cooked charcuterie (cooked hams and superior hams, pâtés, head products, black and white puddings, roasts, salads, etc.) or Salaisons du Mâconnais and Rochebillard & Blein, specialists in dry charcuterie (dry hams and dry sausages), these companies work to offer tasty and authentic products while striving to meet society’s expectations.

  • 26,500

    tonnes of charcuterie marketed in 2022

Our butchery activity

Maître Jacques specialises in the manufacture and marketing of processed butcher’s products.

The company is particularly well known for its expertise, which is comparable to that of the artisan butcher, with authentic and tasty products: elaborate roasts, paupiettes, brochettes, ribs, etc. from a wide range of meats (pork, beef, poultry, etc.).


  • 2

    processing sites in France

  • 60

    years of expertise and know-how for healthy and tasty recipes

Our poultry trading activity

Comprising the companies Avigros and Reilhe Martin, our trading activity supplies poultry, as well as quality meat, to restaurants, wholesalers and butchers in the Ile-de-France region.

We are thus the main player in the poultry pavilion at the M.I.N. (National Interest Market) in Rungis in France.

  • 31,650

    tonnes traded by our subsidiaries Avigros and Reilhe Martin

  • 2,000

    different references negotiated

Our sustainable development commitments

« Dans nos fermes », a virtuous and co-operative approach..

It is above all the result of a collective effort between the farmer members of our Pork Farmer Organisation and the sales and marketing teams of the Charcuterie BU. The idea? To promote the mixed farming-livestock model by explaining its virtue, combining cereals, on-farm feed production and pig rearing.

The sector is also part of a progress plan based on animal welfare, agroecology and the supply of French proteins. Launched in 2021, this new, highly federative co-operative approach saw its commercial realisation in 2022, in response to the very high expectations of customers and consumers.

  • 13

    pork farmer members involved in the FAF ("Fabrique d'Aliments à la Ferme")


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