Adivalor: collecting farm waste


Farming division 



As a distributor, Agrial takes particular care of its products sold as farm supplies or from seed production.  The Cooperative organises the tracking and management of these products and their processing. 


Fight waste whilst providing the maximum amount of co-products for a target of zero waste.

Our actiond

Adivalor brings together farmers, distributors and industrial companies in a project to repurpose farm waste. Within the framework of its partnership with Adivalor, for 10 years Agrial has been collecting waste from farms: empty fertiliser packaging, empty phytosanitary products, used plastic film. Most of this waste is recycled for construction materials or bin bags. 

Our results

In 2016, the Cooperative collected:

• 147 tons of phytosanitary product packaging representing 99% of packaging sold 

• 317 tons of fertiliser packaging representing 84% of packaging sold • 1,127 tons silage, wrapping and vegetable film representing 51% of the film sold 

• 206 tons of used string and nets representing 22% of string and nets sold 

• 26 tons of milking hygiene products representing 87% of products sold and twice as much as in 2015

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