Primeurs de France repurposes its ugly vegetables


Fresh Fruit & Vegetables division




Waste is a key challenge for Agrial whose mission is to promote farm produce as much as possible whilst satisfying its broad client base and consumers too. Every site is fighting waste. 


Fight waste whilst providing the maximum amount of co-products for a target of zero waste.

Our action

Primeurs de France, specialised in the production of fresh vegetables for supermarkets, sells products which do not meet retail standards because of their appearance to other circuits.

The first vegetable to integrate an alternative circuit: carrots. Despite the care taken to grow the most perfect vegetable to meet very strict agronomic standards, farming and weather problems can create differences for the carrots. Non-calibre, broken, twisted or split carrots, carrots marked by the machines, coloured at the top, with superficial damage...all these carrots are put to one side during sorting operations. However, they still have the same flavour and are still as good to eat. 

At Primeurs de France, these “unsuitable” carrots are therefore sold to different companies for soups, purées, grated carrots, flavourings and more. Their appearance does not affect their flavour and healthy properties in these preparations. These carrots are subject to the same controls as those destined for supermarkets and are also subject to strict customer specifications. 

Our results

22,000 to 25,000 tons of “non-standard” carrots are repurposed every year in our alternative circuits.

In lesser quantities, “non-standard” leeks, asparagus, cabbages and celeriac are also redirected to other industrial sectors. 


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