Reduce energy consumption: a collective project





Improving energy performance is essential to fight climate change and is the starting point for Agrial’s progress project in this area. 


Reduce our energy consumption by 10%

Our action

In 2015, Agrial developed a programme to continuously improve the energy performance of its sites, a virtuous project in business, human and environmental terms. 

Collaborating with Schneider Electric for its expertise in energy efficiency, the Group developed a pragmatic approach in several stages with a results-based objective targeting a 10% reduction in kWh for all of Agrial’s sites. This objective also helps Agrial significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. 
After assessing possible energy savings, the sites were selected to identify their potential and implement performance and control plans.

Among the three pilot sites for the project, Château-Salins dairy factory (Moselle) carried out relamping work, preventive controls of its pasteurisers and sterilisers, optimised its purification plant, renovated its cold production rooms and also insulated certain sectors. 


Our results

At the Château-Salins site, 9 out of 11 energy efficiency actions have been implemented. Their cost will be compensated by the 10% savings on energy over 3 years.

28 sites have joined the project.


Joël Labyt
Milk Division Director of Industrial Performance

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We are in a dynamic of continuous improvement and the teams are heavily involved.”

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