Contribute to life in the company and in our territories

Our co-operative identity and territorial anchoring make Agrial an important local actor, especially in rural areas. Agrial's activities have multi-local impacts in its sites and beyond. Farmer members, employees, partners, local authorities, Agrial leads relations with its various internal and external stakeholders, while taking care to strengthen the link between agriculture and society.

Accompanying farmers in the success of their profession

By modernizing and energizing co-operative life.

By ensuring the fair sharing of the value created by a model for redistributing Agrial's earnings to farmer members that is balanced between the business lines and the Group.

By acting in favour of the sustainability of farms.

What we do: 

     • 300 advisors and experts support farmer members and develop solutions for agriculture.

     • 320 Agrial elected members trained under the Idé'al program, i.e. more than 50% of the elected officials.

     • 145 videos and tutorials have been posted since 2018 on the Agrial farmer members' extranet.

By supporting new farmers under 40 years old who have been established for less than 3 years.

What we do:  

     • 4,200 farmer members have benefited from Agrial's Agriboost young farmer support program since 2001.

Acting for the safety, quality of life at work and development of our employees

Ensuring health and safety at work

Horizon 2025 : 
Achieve a lost-time injury frequency rate of less than 10.

What we do: 

     • 27.7% frequency rate of occupational accidents with lost time among employees in France.

     • 20,000 employees and temporary workers took part in safety events organised by Agrial's activities in 2019..

Supporting personal and professional development and quality of life at work

By supporting access to training for our employees.

Horizon 2025 : 
At least 66% of the workforce trained each year.

What we do: 

     •  71.9% of the average workforce on permanent and fixed-term contracts in France received training in 2019.

 Supporting diversity and fighting discrimination

What we do: 

     • 4.08%  of the workforce in France is disabled.

Fostering social dialogue and preserving human rights in the workplace

What we do: 

     • 98.9% of the registered workforce in France benefiting from a staff representative body.

     • 79% of the workforce at Group level.

Our CSR commitments

Florette’s Clean-Dry-Safe project

Agrial and its subsidiaries are always looking to improve how they consume resources in their processes...
Contribute to the vitality of life in the countryside

Contribuer au dynamismeBy contributing:

• to the life of the territories in which the Group operates

• to the preservation of the Earth and living things and the development of sustainable agriculture

• to the promotion of healthy eating and medical excellence

what we do:

  • 81 % of Agrial's workforce in France is employed in rural areas
  • 47,000 jobs are generated by Agrial's activities
  • 832 tons of products were distributed as food donations
  • Associations and funds: Nominoë, AFDI, AgriUp


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