Provide healthy and safe food for everyone

The women and men who make up Agrial, farmer members as employees, work together to produce healthy and tasty food that satisfies the diverse food needs of consumers while meeting the aspirations of farmers.

Feed people well

With an annual nutritional potential for nearly 6 million individuals*, Agrial is committed to meeting the dual challenge of food quantity and quality.

*Nutritional potential calculated in energy value taking into account all the agricultural raw materials that Agrial markets and/or processes.
Ensuring food security

Ensuring food security

Horizon 2025 :

          • 100% of our food processing sites with at least one Quality, Health and Safety certification (IFS, BRC, Bio, ISO 22000, etc.).

          • Increase by 50% the volumes of feed without GMOs or antibiotics for cattle, goats or horses.

What we do: 

          • 92% of our beverage, milk, fresh produce and meat sites have at least QHS certification.

          • +14% of volumes of feed without GMOs or antibiotics for cattle, goats and horses.

 Improving recipes and enhancing the naturalness of our products

What we do: 

          • 100 % fresh Crealine soups and purées recipes of natural origin and without preservatives.

          • A new range of Agrilogique fresh vegetables with zero pesticide residues.

          • Danao's revised recipes with no added sugars, substituted by the sugar naturally present in 3 times the amount of fruit contained, reducing the sugar content by 30%.

Develop quality and local farming and resilient agri-food models

• By supporting local production

• By providing internal and external quality charters

• By developing organic food

Horizon 2025 :

                   • Increase sales of organic products by 100 million euros.

What we do: 

                   • 80% of the raw material supplies for our sites in France come from less than 200km away.

                   • + 30 million euros of organic products sold in 2019.

                   • Promote local and quality sectors.






















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