Co-operative farmer members, employees, consumers... We believe in everyone’s ability to innovate, to imagine together the farming models of the future and provide responsible, healthy and safe food for everyone. 

Our strategy for innovation

Our strategy for innovation

Because there is strength in unity, Agrial made the choice of partnering its internal expertise with an ecosystem of external talent to build together tomorrow’s farming and food solutions.

Deep technical and technological changes will impact all of our value chain. Innovation is therefore key in our Group’s strategy.

Thanks to a horizontal and pragmatic approach, 7 major challenges are shaping our global innovation project.

Our projects

Digitalisation process

Agronomic advice, recipe preparation, supply chain... The digital revolution per...

Natural and sustainable agriculture

Because healthy food firstly requires high quality products, we support our memb...

Managing energies and resources

Saving energy and preserving resources: these challenges drive us every day. We ...

Societal food expectations

Because our food usages are always changing, we work hard to offer safe, secure,...

New sales methods

Online shopping, in-store shopping, the digital revolution has completely overha...

Process performance

From field to fork, we are always looking for solutions to optimise our product ...

Promoting coproducts

Every year, a great deal of waste is generated by the food industry. Thanks to a...

Our innovation networks

Convinced that innovation knows no frontiers, we are developing internal and external expert networks so we can share our resources and test our innovations under real conditions. 

Our research partners

Within the framework of our R&D projects, we collaborate with public and private partners to share our resources and implement collaborative projects. 

The start-up we support

A source of constant questioning and lively debate, we partner many start-ups to support the development of technologies and techniques for tomorrow and improve the quality of our processes and products. 

Our talented people

We are convinced that innovations can germinate in everyone’s mind. And so we support all our employees and members to encourage new ideas.

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