Our innovation network

Our collaborative innovation project leads us to work with many partners. We network with different experts to develop and test innovative solutions. 

Open Innovation Club

In 2015, we were involved in the creation of the Normandy Open Innovation Club. This network federates around forty companies in Normandy from all sectors. Through the network we share our expertise and best practices and also launch requests for proposals from start-ups.


Grandeur Nature Network

Our Grandeur Nature Network federates 300 farms in the cooperative, spread over all of our territory. Under real conditions, this unique network of farms tests and validates new farming techniques and directions developed by our teams, partners and start-ups, before their large-scale launch with Cooperative members.

The Village by CA Normandie

Agrial is a founder member of the Village by CA Normandie alongside the Crédit Agricole, the Regional Chamber of Agriculture and the TES Pole. We have been supporting start-ups with their development since 2016.



Hosted by the Village by CA Normandie, Agri’up is a unique support programme for start-ups in Europe, aiming to accelerate the market launch of products and services specialised in smart agriculture. Created in partnership with the Crédit Agricole de Normandie, the Chamber of Agriculture and the TES pole, the programme relies in particular on the Grandeur Nature network to help start-ups validate their technologies before launching them on the market on a large scale.


Territorial Innovation Laboratory “Ouest Territoires d’Elevage”

Agrial is one of the founding members of the Territorial Innovation Laboratory called “Ouest Territoires d’Elevage”. This research network federates all those involved in cattle farming: the farmers themselves, professional organisations, businesses, citizen organisations and others in western France. This collaborative project aims to improve cattle farming conditions and the life of cattle farmers, and the well-being and health of livestock by bringing together all those involved in the industry at every stage of the farming process.


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