Our innovative strategy

« Innovation will build tomorrow’s agriculture. But it will be decided today.” »

 Jean-Luc Duval, Vice President of Agrial

Agrial built itself up on breakaway innovations: 1st retail farm shop (1970s), sale of the first salads in bags (1980s), launch of rosé cider made with red apples (2000s)...

Like the farmer cultivating his soil to make it fertile, we believe that innovation first requires an organisation that will help new ideas to emerge. Within the Group we have developed a dynamic which combines pragmatism with pioneering projects, encouraging curiosity and common sense, creativity and method and also daring and precision in everyone.

We believe that innovation will play its part in meeting environmental and societal expectations through the integration of new technologies and scientific discoveries in farming requirements and customer expectations. We are working on themes like promoting coproducts, sustainable agriculture, managing energies and resources, process digitalisation and more.

A farming and food cooperative, we are lucky to be in contact with the entire value chain, upstream and downstream, from farmers to consumers, start-ups to industrial partners. We believe that innovation has no frontiers and is not limited to Agrial’s own resources. We are embracing this collaborative innovation project and have external and internal talented people to unite our ideas, support their development and emerge solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.

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