About us

Agrial is a farming and food cooperative that supports its members every day, processing and selling their productions in 4 sectors: milk, fresh vegetables and fruits, beverages and meat.
Together, its 12,000 farmer members and 22,200 employees embody a supportive and efficient model, faithful to its history and culture.

Cooperative members by choice, entrepreneurs by culture

Coopérateurs par choixAgrial is a cooperative company created and owned by farmers. They share resources to help promote their productions and together meet consumer expectations. Our mutually supportive and efficient model has people as its primary concern and acts in the interests of all of its members. Solidarity, responsibility, continuity, transparency and proximity are the values inherent to our Cooperative.

A few key figure


farmer members

6.2 billion

euros in turnover


€214 million

22,200 employees

located in 11 countries

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