Our convictions

Resolutely focused on the long-term, we have based our enduring model on the diversity of our agricultural industries, control of the origins of our products, professional excellence, fair distribution of value and the innovative attitude and entrepreneurial spirit of the men and women working at Agrial.

Each of us works every day to always better satisfy the diverse food requirements of consumers by developing an innovative cooperative that creates shared value and meets the aspirations of our member-farmers. We aim to become a cooperative food business with international scope, recognised for its excellent expertise and brands.

Our values

The Agrial model is based on 4 values, cornerstones of the corporate project and shared by the men and women who make up the Group:

•    Perennity: develop our model over the long term, to ensure the future of Agrial and our members while preserving our agricultural identity and respecting both nature and people.
•    Proximity: as close as possible to the field, between farm and consumer and between all the men and women in our Group.
•    Solidarity: sharing successes and difficulties and developing fair and sustainable relations with all our stakeholders.
•    Boldness: cultivate innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, open to new horizons and expertise.

Reflecting these values, Agrial shares its main ethical framework with all its employees and partners. Established in its Code of Conduct, these principles are a solid foundation for sincere and trusting dialogue between consumers, farmers, employees, partners and all our stakeholders.

To provide healthy and safe food for all, Agrial pledges to respect Man, the Earth and Life and develop a sustainable farming and responsible corporate model. It endeavours to act with integrity, complying with laws and regulations. It is very strict in the management of its activities, proof of the solidity of our business model.

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