Our history

Since the creation of Agrial in 2000, we have pursued a dynamic growth and diversification policy to always satisfy the diversity of consumer needs, developing an innovative cooperative that creates value shared with farmers.

Born of the merger of three cooperatives in Normandy, Agrial has its roots in over a century of cooperative farming history.


Founded in 1912


Founded in 1992

Coop Can

Founded in 1967


Founded in 1992


Founded in 2000

・ 2000 ・

Merger with the Mortain cooperative

Acquisition of Vegamayor in Spain and Portugal

・ 2004 ・

Creation of the Beverages business with the acquisition of CCLF

・ 2006 ・

Acquisition of Müller in Switzerland which joined the Vegetables division

・ 2007 ・

Creation of the fresh fruit juice business with the acquisition of Danao

・ 2008 ・

Creation of the 5th range with the acquisition of Créaline

・ 2009 ・

Development of Florette’s Food Service business with the acquisition of Salads to Go

Creation of the cattle farming and milking equipment business with Elevance

Merger with Union Set

・ 2011 ・

Merger with the
Elle & Vire cooperative

・ 2012 ・

Creation and stock acquisition in Nantial

Creation of the meat processing activity with acquisition of Maître Jacques and Charcuterie Cosme

Acquisition of Manzana in the United States

Creation of Senagral for the Milk business

・ 2013 ・

Acquisition of the French and Spanish Bakkavör sites by Florette

・ 2014 ・

Merger with the Coralis cooperative

Acquisition of the Coralis dairy

・ 2015 ・

Takeover of Vegam

Merger of Eurial’s and Agrial’s industrial activities

・ 2016 ・

Acquisition of Van Oers United in the Netherlands and Africa and Axgrofood Ltd in England

Acquisition of Seattle Cider in the United States

Merger with the Eurial and Vergers du Pays d’Auge cooperatives

・ 2017 ・

Acquisition of Charcuterie Brient

Acquisition of My Fresh in the United Kingdom

Acquisition of Tallec

Start-up of the Ouestmin plant 

・ 2018 ・

Creation of SM3 Claas 
Acquisition of Aston Manor in the United Kingdom 
Acquisition of Rotkappchen Peter Jülich in Germany 
Launch of the new rural distribution brand: LaMaison.fr 


・ 2019  ・

Acquisition of Angflor in the United Kingdom and disposal of the 4th range vegetable activities in Switzerland and Italy

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