On 16 October, Agrial celebrated World Food Day and the "Food Heroes".


This day, launched by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations more than 40 years ago, has a clear objective: to inform and raise public awareness about hunger, nutrition, food security and all global issues related to food and agriculture.

As an agricultural and agri-food Co-opérative, Agrial's mission is simple: to always satisfy the diversity of consumer food needs as best as possible by developping an innovative co-operative, creating shared value and meeting the aspirations of our farmer members.

Although the health situation makes it difficult to organise physical events to raise employee awareness, Agrial has deployed a poster campaign on all its sites to show its commitment. In order to better discover Agrial's actions and activities in favour of the agriculture and food of one welfare, a booklet containing 6 recipes and 36 questions and answers was also distributed to employees.


Find all the recipes oh the booklet on Agrial's YouTube channel!
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