Our Human Ressources vision

Welcome and develop talented people for today and tomorrow

We are proud of our cooperative identity which establishes our decisions in a long-term perspective. We want to open up new horizons to make Agrial a cooperative food business with international scope, recognised for its expertise and brands.

We base the longevity of our business model on the diversity and management of our divisions respecting the planet and people, on our professional excellence and on the skills and innovative ability of each person. To achieve this, we rely on the men and women who make up Agrial.

We believe that every employee in the Group contributes to the success of the Agrial project we share.

We support the diversity of expertise and the development of professional excellence wherever we are present. Our desire is to share and deploy this expertise.

We lead our teams in a spirit of confidence and cohesion.

We demand our managers lead by example in all our activities.

We make each person's fulfilment our key priority. The safety, well-being and career development of our employees represent Agrial’s strategic objectives.

We encourage a spirit of initiative, creativity and communication across the board to promote innovation.

Ambition, longevity, proximity and solidarity are the values we share with all our employees.



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