Locales Maïs: a fun event for everyone


Over 1,600 farmers took part in this year’s Locales Maïs. These events are organised by the Agrial teams from the end of August to the end of September. The objective is to solve local corn-growing issues and discuss the nutrition of dairy cows.  

A farmer, with support from the Cooperative, sets up a presentation (varieties, fertilisation, etc.) on his land and hosts other members from the neighbouring area just before harvest or silaging. Durint the event, farmers benefit from the expertise of the Cooperative’s technicians and several subjects are covered like corn farming, choices of variety, silaging and also creating value. Themes are adapted to suit the sector. The objective is to provide solutions to local issues. “The Locales Maïs give us a better idea of how to adapt varieties to our soil types and climate,” commented Samuel Dujardin of Gaec de Boisoran, in Degré (72) 

The Locales Maïs are seen as an opportunity for useful discussions in a friendly environment. They are are very popular because Agrial offers each participant the chance to bring a few samples of corn plants from their farms and leave with the corresponding quantity in dry matter. A service that is highly appreciated by members who can then adjust their harvest date and optimise the quality of their feed. 

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