A silo at Carquebut to facilitate collection


After 11 months of building work, the silo in Carquebut and its dryer were up and running as planned for the 2017 harvest. Keenly awaited by the region’s members, this new resource at the heart of the Cotentin natural wetlands reserve has really improved the harvest conditions for our farmers. 

siloWith 14 bins, it can store up to 30,000 tons. Its performances in terms of receiving deliveries and drying mean it will significantly reduce logistics costs. Members’ goods can therefore create more value. 
In its very first year, 30,000 tons of wheat were stored. A functional site, members can save time when delivering. “It’s more practical and quicker to deliver our product. It shows the Cooperative’s desire to provide local tools using important resources,” enthuses Hubert Gosselin from Gaec de l’Escalgrain, in Brucheville. 
Always concerned with making everyone’s job easier, an access map has been designed to ensure that the truck and tractor traffic flows freely. 
This project was the last link in the silo plan launched by Agrial in 2014 to bolster storage capacity, improve collection conditions and reduce transport costs for the Cooperative’s entire territory. 

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