Our expertise and know-how

Every day, the Agrial teams help members on all their productions. A network of 250 technical and business consultants specialising in specific areas and activities help develop the economic, social and environmental performance of our member farms. These consultants use actions and standards from our Expert branch: agronomics, animal health, the environment, technical and business management, innovation and more.

Our offers cover every farming need:

•    Advice about business management and performance analysis

•    Environmental and regulatory support

•    Building surveys and advice on equipment 

•    Decision-making tools for managing inputs

•    Ranges of innovative products for animal nutrition, seeds, etc.

•    Laboratory analyses

•    Hygiene and vet services

•    Technical and business information and training

•    Technical meetings in the field: visits to fields and stables

•    Local meetings and discussions between farmers and the cooperative

The Expert branch

The Expert branch federates specialists in technical and business approaches, the environment, animal health, agronomics and crop protection. They provide audit and analysis services as well as solutions for improving farm performance. They also offer assistance in regulatory matters. They assess products and market solutions using a local trial network.

Farming innovation

As well as its support role, the Cooperative monitors each of its businesses to identify future farmer requirements and the farming solutions of tomorrow. To achieve this, research and development is carried out in collaboration with members and tested under real conditions on farms in our Grandeur Nature network.

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