Our members

Many Agrial’ Cooperative members carry out several activities among our 11 agricultural productions.


Jean-François Berthelot

Vegetable grower


The pleasure of growing fine quality produce is a passion which is passed on from generation to generation. What I want most is to hand over to my son a sound and healthy holding.


  • 160 poultry breeders
  • 11,8 million

of poultry marketed

Goat milk

  • 600 goat breeders
  • 155 million

litres of goat milk collected

Installés dans la baie du Mont Saint-Michel, moi et mon associé cultivons 400 t de carottes par an.  Nous sommes organisés au sein de la Coopérative pour laver, conditionner et vendre notre production.

Bernard Guillard

Carrot grower

On our holding located in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, my partner and I grow 400 tonnes of carrots per year. We work through the Cooperative to wash, package and sell our produce.


Jean-Luc Virmaux

Goat breeder

I have had a holding since 2007 in a mountainous AOC Picodon area. I observe very specific practices such as daily grazing and regional feedstuff.


Pascal Adam

Producer of traditional vegetables


I have been a market gardener now for 30 years and I am committed to crop diversification. That is why this year I started to grow parsnips.


Virginie Maurai

Dairy livestock breeder

Saint-Samson de Bonfosse 50

Convinced of the value of belonging to a cooperative and passionate about our animals, our family raises 130 dairy cattle in Normandy.

Edgar Vernay

Edgar Vernay

Goat breeder

My wife and I raise alpine breed goats to produce mountain milk. Our involvement with the Cooperative gives us the exposure to invest in the farm.


Gaec De Lunerotte

Pig breeders

Saint-Gervais-en-Belin 72220

We are a group of 4 partners who raise pigs for the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur market. Working together, we can share tasks and work faster.

Famille Dorat

The Dorat Family

Dairy livestock breeders

We are expanding our family-owned dairy cattle farm into the AOP sector with the technical-economic advice of the Cooperative to ensure the sustainability of our holding.


Marc Vimond

Producer of cider apples

Saint-Denis-Le-Vetu Manche

I enjoy carrying on my trade in a dynamic sector which offers consumers new flavours of cider.


Jean-Marie Fragu

Breeders of dairy goats and suckling cows

La Chapelle Bertrand

In partnership with my brother, we hope to increase our herd of dairy goats. To help us achieve this, the Cooperative assists us with financial support and advice.

Cider apple

  • 600 farmers
  • 129,000 tonnes

of cider apples collected


Audrey Gachet

Dairy livestock breeder

Our parents passed the farm on to us. We want to continue to expand it, helped by the Cooperative with business advice and new projects such as anaerobic digestion.


Sylvain Pilard

Pig breeders

35134 Saint-Colombe

My parents taught me the passion I have for the business and respect for the animals. I want my farm to produce safe products and to provide a fair return for me and my family.


Cyrille Lemoigne

Grower of leeks from the Val de Saire

Val de Saire

I produce mainly leeks. Since my parents were vegetable growers, I was naturally drawn to this work.


  • 690 seed grower
  • 13,245 hectares

in production


Damien Bouchet

Goat breeder

With my partner, I produce goats' milk and feedstock for the animals thanks to the cereals we grow ourselves. In addition, the Cooperative dairy provides us with an outlet for our milk production.


Thierry Laigre

Producer of traditional cider apples

Fresnay le Samson - Orne

Thanks to our long-standing expertise in the AOC sector, we have developed a hand-crafted cider which has all the characteristics of the terroir of the Pays d'Auge.


  • 360 pig breeders
  • 781,000 charcuterie pigs

marketed of which 85% marketed under quality brands


  • 150 farmers
  • 97,000 tons

of vegetables collected

Conventional milk

  • 3,200 dairy farmers
  • 2.14 billion

litres of cow milk collected


François Van Der Tuijn

Producer of Rouge Délice cider apples

Heurtevent - Calvados

My wife and I grow organic cider apples in le Pays d'Auge. Located close to the cideries, we make sure our orchards blend in with the land.


  • 50 farmers
  • 133 million

eggs marketed

Alain et olivier

Alain and Olivier L'Hermenier - Pleine

Beef farmers

From father to son we have been enthusiastic producers of Label cattle and poultry. Located on cattle-breeding land, we grow our own cereals and fodder to feed our animals.

Organic milk

  • 320 organic dairy farmers
  • 111 million

litres of organic milk collected


Jean-Michel Menard

Vegetable grower


Located in the Nantes valley, I grow radishes and lambs lettuce like my parents and grandparents before me. Enthusiastic about working the land, I always knew that this would be my chosen career.


The Hardy Family

Dairy livestock breeders

The quality of our dairy cattle is based on our traditional family expertise which has been passed down from generation to generation.


  • 2 800 cattle breeders
  • 128,000 animals



Thomas Chuberre

Dairy livestock breeder

Saint-Gregoire 35

I started here 3 years ago and hope to develop the Omega 3 sector which is better for the environment and the health of the animals.


  • 7,800 farmers
  • 1.3 million

tonnes of cereals collected

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