Working at Agrial

Work where life is good
and as a team

Working at

Working for farmers.
Joining a growing, dynamic co-operative with a long-term vision and an international presence.
Working for the climate, the environment and a successful and sustainable agriculture.
Creating links, team up and live in simplicity alongside employees who are passionate about their work.
Feeling useful and to give a new meaning to your own future.
Is to believe that anything is possible for you too!


of our French employees work in rural areas with fewer than 10,000 residents


of our raw materials are processed locally, within 200 kilometres of where they were produced


of our profits are given back to our farmer members

5 good reasons
to join Agrial

Taste the co-operative model

Commit to a Group that reconciles performance and sustainability

Listen to consumers

Meet new expectations through our brands

Experience the collective

Enjoy an exciting job working in supportive teams

Feel supported

Cultivate our talents while promoting the well-being of all employees

See my impact

Create a positive impact and act for the planet

Career opportunities in France
and abroad




processing sites


Agrial regions

Our employees'

« The human aspect is at the heart of our success at Agrial, together we form close-knit teams! »

« A fast-growing company and an exciting collective adventure. »

« Pas besoin de diplôme pour démarrer, on vous forme en interne et on vous offre un bel avenir ! »

« Travailler chez Agrial c'est se sentir utile aux agriculteurs et trouver un sens dans son travail. »

« Agrial encourage la mobilité interne et nous offre la possibilité de découvrir de multiples métiers. »

« Le développement des compétences est encouragé et les opportunités sont illimitées grâce aux nombreux métiers de la Coopérative ! »

« Chez Agrial, j’ai le sentiment d’être utile, on travaille aux côtés des agriculteurs pour nourrir le monde ! »

Message from Thomas Guerton,
Chief Human Resources Officer of Agrial

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