Florette’s Clean-Dry-Safe project


Fresh Fruit & Vegetables divisio

United Kingdom



Agrial and its subsidiaries are always looking to improve how they consume resources in their processes: water, raw materials, etc., whilst ensuring the safety of their teams. In the United Kingdom, Florette was already performing well and wanted to go even further, involving every employee in its ready-to-use vegetable packaging factories in the project.


- Reduce water consumption by 10%

- No accidents in the factories caused by water or material on the floor

Our action

The Fresh Fruit & Vegetable division identified the challenge of water and raw materials on the floor in its factories. Beyond the questions of wastage and quality, it is also a safety issue for personnel. 

The UK teams worked on a continuous improvement programme called Clean-Dry-Safe. Its objective is to eliminate all lost resources and all safety risks. A virtuous project which considerably improves the factory’s performances.

These losses occur every day, at every stage of the production process. It may be a lettuce leaf that has fallen to the floor, water splashing while the vegetables are washed... the problem concerns waste and also the risk of employees falling or slipping.

As well as improving the industrial tools, action plans were drawn up with the teams for every stage of the production process. Every person is responsible for making sure their area is always Clean-Dry-Safe.

Our results

For the Florette factory in Lichfield, UK:

> A reduction of over 10% in water used per kg of lettuce

> Accident with shut-down rate lower than 10

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