In a year undeniably marked by the explosion in industrial costs (energy, packaging, etc.) and the rise in agricultural raw materials (cereals, milk, fertilisers, etc.), Agrial’s sales are expected to reach €7.2 billion in 2022, up 15% due to inflation, while net profit remains stable at €62 million, or 0.9% of sales. Following the Annual General assembly on 26 May, delegates approved the accounts and voted to return almost €29 million to Agrial’s 12,000 farmer members, i.e. almost half of net income.

These results once again demonstrate Agrial’s solidity in the face of successive crises impacting both agricultural and agri-food activities (COVID, war in Ukraine, resource shortages, droughts, etc.). They also confirm the relevance of the ambitious investment plan undertaken, which has once again amounted to almost €180 million in 2022, in line with the momentum set in motion in 2021, and which is detailed in the following pages.

On the agricultural front, Agrial has been able to support its farmer members and make a difference. Our market shares are growing, both in crop production and animal feed, and the solidity of our model has enabled us to supply our producers without any interruption, which was far from obvious in the spring of 2022. In addition, our local presence has been further strengthened, with our rural distribution shops particularly dynamic, with sales up by more than 30% since 2019.

By contrast, the year was much more mixed for our food businesses. While the Dairy division turned in a good performance, buoyed by favourable prices, the year was more mixed for the Meat division and, above all, much more complicated for the Beverage and Fresh Produce divisions. In the Fresh Produce division, a reorganisation of activities has been undertaken in our various countries, and the first signs of recovery are already visible. As for the Beverage division, it is still having to contend with a structural decline in the cider market in France, making price rises much more complex, at a time when the cost of glass is reaching record levels.

The year 2022 has once again shown that our multispecialist organisation, based around 5 business lines and 11 productions, offers a guarantee of stability, and that the solidity of our governance enables us to get through these turbulent times. Our co-operative model is attractive and is expanding once again, in this case in the south-east of France with the recent merger with the Natura’Pro co-operative, which makes a great deal of sense for both our farmer members and our agri-food business.

Arnaud Degoulet
Chairman of Agrial

Over the past three years, our teams have shown exceptional commitment and resilience, enabling Agrial to maintain a solid performance despite very mixed results between activities. Tomorrow’s environment will undoubtedly be no simpler, but that is precisely why our investment plan focuses on 3 major challenges, which are essential for Agrial: creating value for livestock production, being close to our customers and reducing our impact on the climate.

Ludovic Spiers
Chief Executive Officer of Agrial


Claire Audusseau Group communication manager
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