The project to bring together the pork producer organisations of the Agrial and Evel’Up co-operatives is currently being implemented. The goal is to build a new joint entity to provide local support to pork farmers. This project is particularly promising for the French pork industry and demonstrates the ambition of Evel’Up and Agrial to perpetuate and develop pig farming in the Great West region, with a focus on close proximity and local roots.

Agrial and Evel’Up are commitied to providing local support for livestock farmers, optimising the value of production, and renewing the generations. The aim is threefold:

  • To ensure the economic success of the industry and the competitiveness of its breeders, thereby reinforcing France’s food sovereignty;
  • Ensure that farmers succeed in their profession and facilitate the renewal of generations;
  • Promote environmentally friendly farming practices that protect animal well-being.

The logic of the sector has also been at the very heart of the philosophy of both co-operatives for many years, with a large proportion of farmers committed to Label Rouge, ‘Cochon De Bretagne’, ‘Porc Petit Lait’, antibiotic-free, FAF (‘Fabrication d’Aliments à la Ferme’/ Manufacture of Food on the Farm) and many other quality initiatives. The charcuterie activities of Agrial’s Meat division are also a real asset for the two cooperatives, enabling them to continue developing these sectors.

The study currently underway will analyse the relevance of pooling and strengthening the technical expertise, innovation, and commercial performance of the two co-operatives’ pork producer organisations.

“The project to bring our two FOs (farmer organisations) together is taking shape around shared values and a strong ambition for pig farming in the Great West, respectiul of the earth and people. Our discussions enable us to envisage an initial operational rapprochement between the teams of the Agrial and Evel’Up FOs at the beginning of 2024,” conclude Philippe Bizien and Arnaud Degoulet, both pork producers and respectively Chairmen of Evel’Up and Agrial.

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Claire Audusseau Group communication manager
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