Agricultural division

Farming is at the heart of the Co-operative’s businesses and Agrial supports its farmer members every day, from field to fork. Our advisors and experts offer solutions to help farmers develop sustainable agriculture, guaranteeing quality products that reconcile consumer expectations with farmers’ aspirations.

The Agriultural division groups together activities supplying production resources (farming supplies, animal feed, farming and livestock equipment), collection and value-creating resources, rural retail and seed farming.

These activities are divided into 4 departments.

Agriculture department

Agriculture department

Culture agro fournitureAssisting and advising farmer members

We provide farmer members with expertise, advice, training and decision-making tools to help them make the best choices in technical, business and environmental areas.

We provide farmer members with fertilisers, seeds, plant protection products, animal feed or alternative solutions …, all necessary for their production, to help them develop efficient farming methods that respect the environment.

We manufacture and sell feed and minerals for ruminants (cattle and goats), pigs, poultry and horses (conventional and organic).

Collecting and creating value for cereal and oil & protein crop farming

 We collect, store and sell the cereal and oil & protein crops produced by our members in conventional or organic farming. A major storage and shipping system (including the port silo in Caen) optimizes the transport and sale of cereals in France and abroad.





Marketing of beef cattle

Through its cattle producer organisation, Agrial supports the 2,600 farmer members in setting up and marketing their animals

A few keys figures

More than 590,000 tons

of food manufactured

270 collection sites

Around 1.73 million

tons of cereals collected

Seeds department

Seeds department

Developing and providing seeds for tomorrow

Our 660 seed multiplier farmer members produce straw cereal seeds on nearly 13,458 ha, but, forage and rapeseed. These productions are then processed in our three seed stations which guarantee the quality and reliability of the finished products.

This certified seed meets the performance needs of farmers. Some of the certified seeds produced are marketed directly to our farmer members.

Rural distribution department

Rural distribution department

Image distribution rurale

To be as close as possible to the rural world

280 convenience stores throughout the Co-operative's territory supply agricultural and livestock inputs and equipment as close as possible to the farms. These stores also sell gardening products, pet supplies, DIY products and other materials.

They are aimed at farmers and/or the general public and play an important role in maintaining proximity in our territories.

In addition, two e-commerce website and, operates in "click & collect" mode in order to reconcile convenience and proximity. It offers more than 30,000 references online on AgrialPro and more than 50,000 references on



Machinery department

Machinery department

Distribution rurale image

Offer high-performance equipment and efficient maintenance

Through its subsidiaries SM3, Elevance, Lactamat and V3PRO, the Agricultural division offers agricultural equipment (tractors, harvesting equipment, etc.) and livestock equipment (milking installations, tubes, etc.). The division attaches importance to the quality and responsiveness of its maintenance workshops and breakdown services.

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