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Our beverage division is a major player in cider and fresh fruit juices in France with its Ecusson, Loïc Raison and Danao brands. It is also present abroad on cider, juice, soft drink, compote and vinegar markets.

Organisation of “Apples for processing”

The Beverage division relies on production and collection of nearly 124,000 tons of cider fruits 80% of which come from its members’ orchards. Technicians specialising in “apples for processing” assist Agrial members, from varietal choices to harvest management and advice on inputs or pilot programmes using farming methods that are even more nature- and people-friendly.

Production and sale of cider and apple products

Agrial’s Beverage division is the French leader in cider with the Ecusson, Loïc Raison and Kérisac brands.

These brands offer varied ciders from brut to rosé, organic to flavoured (raspberry, peach, vodka-lime, etc.) and also ranges in single packs for pre-dinner drinks or drinking on the go. All these products are sold in supermarkets as well as restaurants, bars and bistros.

Agrial also manufactures traditional apple juice for the French catering industry sold under the Passion du Verger brand.

Agrial has had a presence in the United States since 2012 with Manzana based in California and specialising in the manufacture of compotes, vinegars and 100% organic apple juice. With the purchase of Seattle Cider in 2016, Agrial bolstered its American presence by developing cider production for the American market. Cider production under the La Mordue brand was also launched in France in 2017.

Production and sale of fresh fruit juices and sparkling juices

The Beverage division is also present in the fresh fruit juice sector with Danao, the dairy fruit juice brand, and Sunny Delight.

Finally, it also develops ranges of lemonades and sparkling juices for export under the brands Bel Normande, Keror and Bellot.

Our brands

French ciders and regular ciders: Loïc Raison, Ecusson, Kerisac, Viard, La Mordue
Juices: La Passion du Verger, Danao, Sunny Delight
Other apple products: North Coast (USA)
Soft drinks and beers: Bellot, Bel Normande, Breizh Cola, lancelot, Seattle Cider


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