Louis Raison

Since 1923, Louis Raison cider is a well-kept family secret. Made from 100% French apples from our own orchards, Louis Raison cider is the result of authentic family expertise.

It is particularly reputed for its ciders made from exclusive apple varieties like Bittersweet and also Rouge Délice, a red-fleshed apple with a unique fruity flavour.

Louis Raison has different ciders adapted to every palate: Original Crisp, Rouge Délice, Pear and Raspberry.

Its expertise has been widely recognized, particularly during Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition 2018 (GLINTCAP) for its three star recipes which won a gold medal for the Original Crisp, a silver medal for the Organic Dry and a bronze medal for the Rouge Delice.
Please drink responsibly.

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