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Our Fresh Produce division is a major player on the fresh vegetable market in France and Europe with its brands Florette, Priméale and Créaline. It produces, packs and sells vegetables and fruit in France, Europe and, since 2015, Africa.


Its products are listed in 3 categories according to the level of processing and packaging:

  • 1st range: packed fresh vegetables
  • 4th range: fresh, ready-to-use vegetables and fruit
  • 5th range: pre-cooked vegetables and pasteurised or sterilised ready meals.

Production areas in France, Europe and Africa

Vegetables are grown by cooperative members grouped into producer organisations and located in different areas in the north-west of France (Mont Saint-Michel, Val de Saire, Cotentin, Calvados…). The producer organisations help members in their quest for the best possible performance, recommend environmentally friendly practices and invest in tools and processes to create more value for crops.

Outside the cooperative’s territory, the Fresh produce Division has suppliers in other farming areas in France, Europe and Africa, with independent or contracted farmers.

The Florette, Priméale and Créaline brands apply strict specifications to their suppliers, members of the cooperative or partners, to guarantee the quality and traceability of their products.

Packaging and processing

With over 60 production sites, Agrial’s Fresh produce Division is a major operator in fresh vegetables on the European markets. It sold 800,000 tons of fresh vegetables and fruit in 2020 in supermarkets, catering and food services.

For the 1st range, Priméale packs and sells mainly carrots, lettuces and leaves, leeks and potatoes. It also offers asparagus, radishes, garlic, onions, shallots, cabbages, celeriac, turnips and more. The brand also has regional ranges like carrots from Mont Saint-Michel and asparagus from Les Landes.

For the 4th range, Florette was the first to market ready-to-use lettuces and fresh vegetables. The brand is leader in its segment in Europe. Present in 9 countries, it offers a broad range of salad in bags, young leaves or mixed salads. It is also present on the salad meal market for catering and supermarkets.

For the 5th range, Créaline specialises in the production of fresh vegetable soups and purées. A line of vegetable juices joined the range in 2017.

Innovation and international markets

The vegetable division is investing in innovation. The first brand in Europe to sell salad in a bag, it provides its expertise to customers through new product varieties and ranges: Fraîcheur Florette (peeled and chopped fruit and vegetables, ready to cook or eat), vegetable juices and fresh fruit coulis.

The Vegetable division is developing abroad where it now generates half of its turnover. Outside Europe, it is now present in Africa (Senegal and Morocco) since the acquisition in 2016 of the Dutch group Van Oers United. Today, the division has 60 production and processing sites in 10 countries in Europe and Africa.

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