Created in 1954, Brient company is originally a family business born in the post-war years. Starting with a traditional charcuterie stall, Mr. Jean Brient, the founder, has develop his company by adapting to the evolution of the market and the expectations of the consumer
Based on more than 60 years of know-how, Brient offers a whole range of traditional recipes or products prepared according to current trends. The company is known for its top products(such as rolled head), black and white pudding, pâtés, and cooked hams or roasrs. It is also present on the catering salad market.
Brient company pays particular attention to the quality and origins of its raw materials :

- the processed meats (PORK, RABBIT, DUCK) are certified Origine France as the majority of the raw materials used.
- the milk used in the production of pudding is fresh milk from a farm located 40 km from the company
- the company offers products quality certified (RED LABEL, IGP)
The products are sold in supermarkets (traditional department, fresh-packed, self-service) as well as on the wholesalers network.

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