For 60 years, Tallec has been producing delicatessen renowned for its exceptional gustatory qualities.

Its challenge is to meet the growing customer requirements in terms of food safety and new packaging without altering its traditional recipes.

Beyond manufacturing processes, the meat and ingredients used are natural and fresh, in particular:

  • French pork meat, red or organic label
  • Leek, carrots, onions, parsley, raw milk

The pâtés are moulded by hand in stoneware terrines to enhance the diffusion of aromas during the baking process.

Tallec remains one of the last producers of old fashioned cooked hams which are slowly matured, worked by hand, salted by the vein, gently baked in a cloth with their bones in a broth of fresh vegetables. The range consists of: hams, terrines, marbled meat, ballotines, stuffed poultry, white pudding...

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